All photography created by Ryan Angel Studio.

So it wasn't long after reading Zack Arias's recently released e-book, "Get to Work: DEDPXL Business Primer,"  that I became compelled to revamp my blog site. It's always been on my checklist of things to do but after reading the first few pages, I really felt like Zack was personally yelling at me to just get it done!

Since it's been over a year of shooting editorial work for Sacramento Magazine, I wanted to create a site that I can share those experiences--not only to future clients but also other photographers who might need some inspiration and motivation. 

And as a teacher assistant within the photography department at Sacramento City College, I hope to be a beacon to the photography students enrolled there. I also want to give my biggest gratitude to my former instructor Paul Estabrook for being a great mentor and source of encouragement. 

To my wife and (future son), this is for YOU! I love you so much and thank you for always sticking by me and being my biggest fan. Working in this kind of field is so competitive and I know that patience will always be tested. Jody, my wife and best-friend, you are the very reason why I am able to get this far. Thank you for buying me my first camera. Thank you for carrying us through. It's so funny to think about the first few shoots we did together. Wow, I have definitely honed my craft since then. (L-O-L) I will always work hard to make sure we have everything we need. I love you!