I-Footage Minicrane M1-iii

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Above: Here is a recent project I did for realtor Ron Ortez. He wanted to showcase the house he was selling using video to really highlight the upgraded features as well as the characteristics of a grand space to entertain. 


Realtor Headshots

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Keep a close eye on this talented model, actor, stunt-actor, and fitness competitor--Ryan Rasberry. Images are from his recent headshot session with RyanAngelstudio.com. Check back for more sample headshots from his session. Subscribe to our blog for new content notifications. 

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Studio Buildout

[Update] The studio buildout is still in progress and recently I added a bike mount made by Ibera which I found on Amazon for like $30. The garage staining was done by Renova Concrete Design based out of Sacramento.


Recent published work for Wall Street Journal. (Click on the <- green link for the official article.)  For video, work can be seen from Time: 00:00 to 00:34. 

I recently traveled to Weaverville, California to photograph Robin Miller's newly purchased home. It was said that the home was built around the trees but interesting enough (you'll see in the gallery) it seems as though the trees begin to grow around the house. The home features old-school intercom systems, hidden closets, original oven, shaggy carpets and a bomb shelter!?! 

Weaverville_California_Ryan Angel Studio

Weaverville, California

Went to Weaverville, California for an assignment this past Tuesday which is a little more than 3 hours drive north on Interstate 5. Love how calm and scenic the town has to offer. It definitely has a small-town feel which I find attractive. 


Camera: iPhone 6 Plus 

Product Photography - Test and Ad Mock Up

A behind the scenes look of my new space that I'm working in to photograph wine bottles for a local winery. So stoked to be working with them and I look forward to creating the rest of their content for their website and social media. 

If you have a business and need a fresh look for your website and/or social media, please e-mail us at RyanAngelStudio@gmail.com.


Melissa Uroff [Sacramento Magazine-Feb2017] | Ryan Angel Studio

[Sacramento Magazine | February 2017]

For this assignment, I wanted to capture the "fun-ness" of Melissa Uroff, so I used vibrant and bold colors to match her personality. 

For the January issue of Sacramento Magazine, I was able to meet and photograph the talented artist, Micah Crandall-Bear. Most of the time, the talent I'm photographing are usually busy and only have 15-30 minutes to shoot, however, for this shoot I was able to just relax and shoot in a variety of spaces that Micah had in his home. He definitely has great taste in furniture and decor which allowed for a beautiful lifestyle portrait. 

Gear: Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 580 EXii (balanced with natural light), Westcott Apollo Octobox

As an editorial photographer, it is without any doubt you will come across a well-diverse group of individuals--from small-business owners to top executives. For the November (2016) issue of Sacramento Magazine, I photographed individuals in our Capitol Region that had great influence on the top topic of 2016--"Will marijuana be legal in California?" 


niccolo de luca  | townsend public affairs

Gear: Nikon D800, Tokina 16-28 (2.8), Canon 580 EXii speedlight (bounce flash)

In October (2016), I worked an assignment for Sacramento Magazine that allowed me the awesome opportunity to meet some big name artists in our community and they all were recently commissioned to create art for the new Golden 1 Center (Sacramento King's Arena). The artists include Bryan Valenzuela, Gale Hart, and (RCAF) Royal Chicano Air Force. 


bryan valenzuela | GOLDEN 1 ARENA ARTIST

Gear: Nikon D800, Tokina 16-28 (2.8), Canon 580 EXii speedlight with Westcott Apollo Octobox



gale hart | golden 1 arena artist

Gear: Canon 5dMarkII, Canon 24-105, Canon 580 EXii speedlight with Westcott Apollo Octobox